NO2 Vaporizer by Vapir - Portable, Digital with a Rechargeable Battery

NO2 Vaporizer by Vapir - Portable, Digital with a Rechargeable Battery

Uses: Dry Herb
Type: Portable Vaporizer
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When we set out to create a new vaporizer we knew that it would truly have to be the next generation in vaporization technology for it to be worthy of the name Vapir. In order to make this leap we designed and created this unit from the ground up with the suggestions, comments and ideas our customer’s had indicated they wanted in their vaporizer. In addition we added some amazing technology and forward thinking standard options to create our newest addition to the Vapir lineup. With the NO2, Vapir has created a portable vaporizer the vaporizer community has been waiting for!

The portable NO2 unit allows customers to specifically control the heat with its patented digital display which is fully accurate within 2-5 degrees. This level of accuracy and control allows the customer to know what temperature they are at every time, all the time – providing the most effective heating environment for vaporizing their herbs.  Many portable vaporizers on the market employing a butane heating mechanism force their customer’s to blindly trust their unit to keep the temperature below incineration levels. Without any certainty and control over the heating chamber temperature in their vaporizer, many customers find themselves inhaling smoke; this defeats the purpose of the money they spent on their vaporizer.  The NO2 gives control back to its customer by allowing them the peace of mind to know what temperature their vaporizer is heating up to at all times. This creates the perfect environment to produce the most fresh and flavorful vapor without any harmful smoke!

Further, this vaporizer can boast as being one of the healthiest options available on the market! Utilizing the most advanced parts available for the production of the NO2 we have created a unit which we believe will provide the most pure vapor of any vaporizer available. The casing of the NO2 meets the requirements and is approved by the United States FDA for use in food contact applications and it is heat resistant within the applicable temperature range. Further, the pure Brass heating element has been independently lab tested for performance and chemical content. The testing also included lead, which we felt was very important given the recent focus on lead being found in products without the owners knowledge. Our independent lab tests found the NO2 had a minuscule trace amount of 0.01%, this is less than what is often found in the air we breathe! 

From every perspective, the Vapir NO2 is the portable vaporizer of the future…available today!
Order yours today, and join the portable revolution!
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best value for price in my eyes

- 02/02/2012

This should actually be the basic product of Vapyr, not the NO.
This one is very handy and convenient. I really like it.
Only thing: temperature could go up a bit faster, could get a bit hotter than 205 C and the battery is for one hour, which is sorta OK.

NO2 Vapir

- 07/03/2011

LOVE IT!!! Easy to use, easy to clean, and best of all easy to fill. Did have problems with the battery pack as it wouldn't recharge, but the company fixed the problem and returned the vaporizer quickly and without hassle.

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