Puffit X Portable Vaporizer

Puffit X Portable Vaporizer

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The PUFFiT X Vaporizer employs the same compact size as the PUFFiT Classic, while combining an internal microprocessor with an enhanced gold plated heating chamber to produce a quality Vapor in less than one minute!

This revolutionary option utilizes an internal fan inside the PUFFiT X Vaporizer to push the Vapor outwards in 10 second increments. The rotary dial, located on the right side of the mouthpiece, allows you to adjust both the temperature and fan speed from levels 1-7, offering a customized convection Vaporization Forced Air experience.

Addressing consumer needs, an upgraded wall adapter allows the PUFFiT X Vaporizer to charge in one hour; compared to two hours with the PUFFiT Classic. A new charging dock is included to keep the PUFFiT X Vaporizer sturdy along with the traditional USB Charger.

A funnel attachment allows for easy loading into the enhanced gold plated heating chamber, while an improved Vape Enhancement Tool keeps your blend against the walls of the heating chamber; resulting in excellent Vapor quality! The PUFFiT X Vaporizer is also crafted with high grade silicone around the heating chamber to provide a proper seal. Each PUFFiT X Vaporizer includes a hard shell Travel Case that allows you to carry your unit along with all of your accessories.

The PUFFiT X Vaporizer is able to Vaporize a wide range of dried blends at multiple temperature levels in a quick manner. Users can choose to Vaporize their blends between 300 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit (Levels 1-7 on the rotary dial). During our testing process, we recommend using the PUFFiT X Vaporizer between Levels 6-8 for optimal Vapor quality. The average warm up time is only 30-45 seconds. A silicone heat shield covers the top cap of the PUFFiT Vaporizer, keeping the heat contained and reducing the outside surface temperature.

The PUFFiT X Vaporizer battery indicator function allows you to see the amount of battery life that is available. To activate this feature, press down on the Top Cap 3 times. A Green LED Light indicates that the PUFFiT X Vaporizer has up to 80% battery life remaining, an Orange LED Light results in up to 60% battery life, and a Red LED Light showcases that there is only 30% battery life remaining.

The PUFFiT X Vaporizer kit includes everything you need for the ultimate in portable vaporization

  • 1 pc. PUFFiT X Vaporizer
  • 1 pc. Puffit Vape Enhancer
  • 1 pc. Wall Charger
  • 1 pc. Silicone Heat Shield
  • 1 pc. USB Charger
  • 1pc. Hard Shell Carrying Case
  • 1pc. Removable Stir Tool
  • 1pc. Cleaning Packing Tool
  • 1pc. Blend Funnel
  • 4pc. Replacement Screens
  • 3pc. Replacement Mouthpiece
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Love my PuffitX Vaporizer

- 09/23/2013

I purchased the original puffit last year so I jumped on the opportunity to get the new Puffit X. The fact that there is actually a portable vape that pushes the Vapor out is next level!

More importantly, it still has the same stealthy look as the original! Using the fan with my Puffit X is easy, you just let it perform the normal heating cycle (30 seconds) then when the LED turns green, press down on the top cap to turn the fan on. Personally, I like the fan speed on level 2 or 3 because it generates a good vapor.

The actual filling chamber is more compact, so I didn't have to pack my blend completly tight like the original Puffit; instead I fill it to the top and the Vape Enhancer Spring pushes it down.

As far as the charge time, go with the wall charger for sure because it only takes an hour; you get a cool stand to keep it upright! On a full charge I get around 30 heating cycles total, for me it allows me 4 good Vaporizer sessions before I needed to recharge it.

Such a good deal for the price!!

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