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Great portable Vap

- 05/28/2014

I needed a portable low profile Vap and this fit the bill. Works great and even has a side brush for handy usage. Intakes well and have no complaints...the only little gripe I have is that the battery power indicator is not very accurate.

Great Vape

- 09/12/2013

The Sonic Vaporizer is a good choice for those who need a compact, easy to use vaporizer. It has a very short heat up time and seems to maintain temperature accurately. The main drawbacks of the Sonic are it's small, hard to fill chamber and not so good battery life. Any more than a single user and you will be constantly emptying and refilling it, as well as needing to charge it. The cleaning brush that comes with it, while handy, is too short to really be effective at cleaning the unit which needs to be done often. The design of the vaporizer makes it difficult to fill without getting herbs all around the seal to the heating chamber and everywhere else you don't want it. I've only had the Sonic for a couple of weeks but I can see that cleaning will become a real issue once it gets a lot of use. Produces great vapor though and it is very portable, though it could use a travel case.

Fast Heating Big Cloud Portable Vaporizer

- 08/15/2013

All I can say is amazing. Heats up in about 20 seconds and produces big clouds.. The side walls near the heating chamber may make it difficult to clean. These just keep getting better all the time.

Maybe the Best Portable...

- 08/15/2013

I was immediately impressed by the Sonic's quick heat up time. It took no more than 30-45 seconds to reach optimal vaporization temperature. Along with the sleek design and appearance, the Sonic has excellent vapor production. It produces actual clouds of vapor, rather than puffs. It's pocket-size design make it easy to use on-the-go without any hassle. I would recommend this vape for anyone looking to get their money's worth.

Great Portable!

- 08/09/2013

It really works better than DaVinci, big puffs, almost as good as my favorite Pocket Vape!

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