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This us the one

- 04/20/2013

I've owned a bunch of vapes and this is the best one I've found so far. There may be a better one out there but it would have be quite exceptional to beat this one for price, durability and ease of use.

Simply Amazing!

- 04/11/2013

This is the best vaporizer I've ever used.


- 12/15/2012

bought this off vaporstore 2 years ago(heavy use with travelling and abuse)... its going strong as it was the first day... this vape is under appreciated in the wide world of vaping. Its small, long power cable, and incredibly efficient. The company doesn't seem to advertise or have specials etc so its not that famous but it so reliable and still selling well from word of mouth. A couple of my friends have bought one since using mine and they have never run into any issues.

Only drawback is it has a cord, so I do use a different vape for on the go use.

Reliable meets efficiency

- 04/05/2012

Wow. The best.

wow this is the one!!!

- 02/22/2012

No busting required and vapped right to the stem


- 02/07/2011

I started with a vapolution unit. the differance is amazing. i noticed a differance in vapor density vaporizing various strains but overall i love this thing. it has really helped my lung function over combustion i'm buying one for my son's "25th " today!


- 11/26/2010

I had bought a couple crappy $50-100 vapes before to no good result. So I started to do some research and I ended up here at the HerbalAire. I am super glad I did. Don't spend double the money on the volcano which has half the functionality of the HerbalAire. You can use bags or the whip with this and it's as easy as switching one piece. There are also a good amount of upgrade options (high output pump, 3 bag system, etc..). The only problem with the HerbalAire is that it makes too much sticky stuff with a lot of use, and it starts to stick to ya. (but you just have to scrape it out with the little pick they give you and throw it back in the vape for awesome results)
That's the only problem. (If you want to call that a problem...)

So don't buy a silly volcano, take the same amount of money and buy 2 HerbalAires.

Great machine, great price

- 07/23/2010

I have had my HerbalAire Vaporizer for about 4 years now, and I still use it regularly and like it thoroughly. I have found different ways to enjoy it using the bags and more recently I've converted it into a Hookah-like apparatus. It's compact, portable, and efficient, while at the same time it is idiot-proof, durable, and too simple of a design to not enjoy. Kudos to the H2.1!!

Awesome product!

- 07/10/2010

All the research I did paid off. This is trully a product that delivers the performance that you read about. I am very happy with my vape.

Happy I bought this

- 04/18/2010

I did a lot of research before getting my HerbalAire H2.1 and it paid off. Everything I read about it was true. It withstands everyday usage, it's easy to clean, it heats up quickly, it's efficient, it produces a consistent heat and vapor quality, and it's compact enough to store easily.

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