Blisslights Spright Classic with Transformer - Blue Laser

Blisslights Spright Classic with Transformer - Blue Laser

Price: $175.00
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120v Version (USA Voltage)
220/240 Version (International) (+$30.00)

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BlissLight Spright Classic - Blue Laser

The BlissLight Spright Classic is the newest innovation from BlissLights. The blisslight Spright is ideal for your outdoor decorations whether you are decorating for the holiday season or a summer time party. The Spright is easy to use - just plug it in and point it – and the Spright will project a static starfield of pin-points of light onto your trees, house and yard.

At first glance, the pin points of light look like traditional rope lights, but when you look closer, you will see that your entire tree, house or yard is covered with pin points of light. Your friends and neighbors will be amazed! They’ll think you put in countless hours of work decorating, when it really took you less than 5 minutes to cover your yard. Be prepared to be the center of attention and don’t be surprised if your neighbors knock on your door to ask you how you decorated your yard.

The BlissLight Spright is extremely user friend as well as environmentally friendly. It uses less power than a standard LED landscape light and uses only a fraction of the energy of a standard incandescent landscape light. The Spright is also microprocessor controlled and can compensate for voltage drop in a low voltage landscape lighting system. This means you can install a BlissLight Spright in your existing lighting system even if it is close to capacity (please see power requirements below).

Nighttime Operating temperature of -15ºF to 900 F Uses an average of just 3 watts when temperatures are above 550 F and 8 watts if temperatures are below 550 F. Automatically compensates for voltage drop in low voltage lighting systems (works with 9v to 24v AC and 12v to 32v DC) Microprocessor controlled for intelligent operation 25’ x 25’ coverage area – replaces 4 standard landscape lights or hundreds of feet of rope lighting In the summer, the BlissLight Spright can be used to project Fireflies into your trees and bushes. The pin points of light are easily mistaken for fireflies. Try it out for yourself and amaze your friends.
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