Source Nail Vaporizer - Premium Kit

Source Nail Vaporizer - Premium Kit

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The Source Nail XL Vaporizer Premium Kit is an enail like no other. It's compact, boasts temperature control, and still harnesses the power of a desktop dab rig despite its portable nature. Source Nail XL Premium Kit features the high grade atomizers for which Source Vapes is famous, with an easy-to-clean bucket design and lab-tested titanium, quartz and ceramic builds. The Source Nail XL Premium Kit vaporizer is also compatible with three premium glass attachments, one of which comes included with the Source Nail XL. As a testament to the build quality of the Source Nail XL - Premium Kit, Source Vapes offers a lifetime no hassle warranty. Source Nail XL Premium Kit is ideal for wax concentrate lovers who want dab-like rips from a more compact, convenient device.


The Source Nail XL Premium Kit features a three-temperature ultra-slim battery that's easy-to-use and powerful. Choose between High, Medium, and Low temperatures, then enjoy big, flavorful hits in less than 30 seconds. The fast heat up time enables you to take quick hits within windows of opportunity as they present themselves throughout your day. The Source Nail XL Premium Kit is simple to use. Just press the button twice and the light will turn green when you're ready to vape. Source Nail XL charges quickly and enjoys a long battery life. Expect big, lung-busting rips that are full-flavored and robust.


Source Vapes are known for their high quality atomizers. With the Source Nail XL Premium Kit, they've designed revolutionary coilless bucket nail atomizers that vaporize waxy oils very efficiently and leave little to clean up. Source Nail XL Premium comes with three nail atomizers: Ceramic, Titanium, and Quartz. Each atomizer delivers a different style of vapor. The Source Nail XL quartz atomizer produces unadulterated flavor for those who favor taste. For larger clouds that are still flavorful, the ceramic nail atomizer vapes wax "slow and low" for smooth, flavor-rich clouds that are impressively sized. Highly versatile, Source Nail XL is compatible with any 4 Series or XL Series atomizers from Source Vapes, of which there are a plethora.


Source Nail XL Premium Kit is compatible with any 510-threaded glass attachment, and comes with a split glass bubbler and glass globe attachment. If you prefer smoother hits, the Source bubbler attachment moisture conditions and purifies vapor through water filtration. To use the Source Nail XL Premium Kit as a vape pen, simply attach the Source glass globe, which features a carb hole and glass mouthpiece. Source Vapes has designed a lineup of high grade glass attachments, many of which are compatible with the Source Nail XL Premium Kit. Source glass attachments are made of high grade glass that lasts longer and preserves the true flavors of your waxy oils.


Most eNails are single temperature, diminishing your ability to customize your vape sessions. Source Nail XL Premium Kit features a temperature controlled battery with three temp settings--High, Medium, and Low--so you can choose between smaller, flavor-intense hits, moderate hits, and big, lung-expanding clouds. The simple single button control is easy to operate. Just a few clicks and you'll be enjoying your favorite wax concentrates exactly how you like them. The Source Nail XL Premium battery is super slim, easy to pocket and more discreet than other enails. You can use the Source Nail XL Premium Kit for casual home use, or carry it around town with you for quick dab hits on-the-fly.


  • 1 x Source Nail XL Premium Kit Battery
  • 1 x Source Nail XL Premium Kit Attachment
  • 1 x Split Glass Bubbler
  • 1 x Glass Globe Attachment
  • 1 x Titanium Atomizer
  • 1 x Ceramic Atomizer
  • 1 x Quartz Atomizer
  • 1 x Carb Cap and Dab Tool
  • 1 x USB Charger Cable
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