VaporTower Handkit Dual Screen Handkit Vapor Whip

VaporTower Handkit Dual Screen Handkit Vapor Whip

Price: $64.95
Extra Tubing
3' Replacement Tubing (+$3.50)
5' Replacement Tubing (+$7.50)
Extra Screens
5 pack screens Top Bowl 1" (+$1.95)
5 pack screens Bottom Bowl .812" (+$1.95)
10 pack screens (5) 1" (5) .812" (+$3.90)

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VaporTower Dual-Screen Handkit

VaporStore is the ORIGINAL creator and designer of the Dual Screen VaporTower Handkit!  Only VaporStore has successfully and efficiently innovated this dynamic handkit.  Our original innovative Dual-Screen Handkit keeps your material secure which renders burning and spilling a problem of the past. Avoid cheap imitations and other manufacturer knock-offs from big brand companies. The dual-screen design also allows hot air to flow through the material more evenly extracting all possible vapors. The most difficult task when using an original one-piece handkit design is replacing the screen. Our VaporTower Handkit has solved this painstaking process. Simply unscrew the top portion (bowl) that is placed onto the heater and pop out its screen. Only seconds to install a new screen. No more wasted frustration! Stick with the original, stick with the best dual chamber handkit made by VaporStore. The easiest and most efficient handkit to use on the market—hands down!
Each handkit comes with 2 replacement screens and a scoupy sraper stir tool.
NOTE: Dual-Screen Deluxe model is designed to work with the VaporTower and is compatible with the Hands-Free VaporBox. This handkit will NOT work with any standard vaporizers.
  • This product will fit the following hands free vaporizers: Hands-Free VaporBox, VaporCannon, VaporDoc, Easy Vape, Vaporite and possibly other hands-free vaporizers.
  • It will NOT work with VaporBrothers Vaporizers or any standard "non hands-free" vaporizer.
  • Diameter of VaporTower bowl: 0.968"
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Best Handkit!

- 11/19/2012

Vaporstore came up with the dual screen concept for these box vaporizers that, in my opinion, makes them worth using at all. They may have missed the bullseye with the dual screen handsfree kit originally designed for vaporbox, but the same kit for the vaportower fits several other hands free boxes as well as the vaporbox and is a wonderful invention. Thanks to vaporstore, I don't have to go spend $700 on a volcano right now and these companies who make and/or sell boxes should all be getting their whips here.

Great Product; Even Better Customer Service

- 09/29/2011

First off, I want to say that the customer service at this store is amazing. I ordered this product on Friday and had it by Monday. Sadly, the product I received was cracked in a couple of places. I called, and spoke with a female. She was extremely helpful. Within 40 minutes, the issue was resolved, and they were sending me a replacement and could keep the cracked one as a backup. Did not have to pay anything out of pocket, no return shipping, nor any other fees. This woman was wonderful and extremely courteous. Raise for her! Back to product. I am very pleased with it. It is A LOT easier to switch screens. It also keeps the blend right above heating element, whereas others sometimes the blend falls and bunched together. Very easy to screw and unscrew. However, if using with multiple people, and/or not great blends, means multiple packs. This product does get hot. The white rubber does help, but still after 2, it can be a bit hot to touch. I know this cannot be avoided, because anything will get hot at 325 degrees, but just keep that in mind as it is not as easy to load and empty as a standard handsfree. Other than that, I absolutely love it. Again customer service is great, will do business with them again just for that reason!

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