Blisslight Portable Laser Starfield Projector

Blisslight Portable Laser Starfield Projector

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Blisslights - Color Option Laser
Green Laser

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BlissLights are simple to use lighting effect projectors that create an explosion of thousands of pin-points of light.  The results are a universe of stars that are unique far-reaching trajectories which can transform entire rooms, buildings, trees, pools, you name it.  The light effects are universally esthetically appealing and have been shown to have calming and healing affects on onlookers.

BlissLights are designed for commercial and homeowner applications. Lighting industry professionals use BlissLights to illuminate hard-to-light areas and create a unique lighting experience.  The BlissLight Portable projector is a battery powered static laser starfield. They come in Green 532nm, and red 650nm . It comes with a tripod, charger and rechargable battery that last for up to 8 hours or more on one charge.
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