Blisslights Sky Laser Projector - Stars and Hologram

Blisslights Sky Laser Projector - Stars and Hologram

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The Blisslights Sky fills the rooms in your home with a gorgeous twinkling sky of moving green star laser beams and a gently moving blue cloud with beams extending 160 degrees in every direction. Transform any room with this safe yet powerful Laser Starfield Projector using BlissLights patented holographic technology. Using very little energy, this units plugs into wall with no setup needed. Although similar to the effects created by Laser Star Twilights, the BlissLights SKY offers more features with adjustments for starfield and cloudfield intensity, quiet operation (no fan) and no automatic shut-off time.
The BlissLights SKY also boasts a one year manufacturer warranty with more durable laser components. From this magical looking globe, project a starry night sky to set the mood for a party, movie night, relaxation at home and more. Use in a restaurant or cafe to create unique and unforgettable settings with safe laser lighting effects. A firefly effect can be created when shone onto trees and foliage, however the unit is designed for indoor use and should be placed accordingly.
For larger areas or a more dramatic presentation, consider the powerful BlissLights series of indoor and outdoor projectors. With a 160° spread from the lens, beams shower rooms from floors to walls and ceilings immediately in front of the projector, to surfaces of one hundred feet or more. 
These laser beams are completely safe and tested carefully as well as FDA approved, guaranteeing that no beams coming from the projector are potentially harmful. Close exposure to eyes is not recommended as with any light. These units use a Laser Classified FLPPS Class IIIa which requires no variance, licensing or permitting to operate it. Each laser beam is less than 1mw in power, much less powerful than the average laser pen. Laser products we offer are used by DJs and homeowners across the nation!
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