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Leonardo would have been proud!

- 01/21/2013

Putting a 1/8" mini plug into the straw while it's heating up kicks its already stellar performance to 6 stars plus!

Awesome Vaporizer

- 07/26/2012

I own multiple portable vapes, and this is the best one I have. Love the flexibility and portability of this device. Very well built. Can be used while being recharged.

Don't be scared off by the price imho it is worth every penny.

No one without Karma!

- 07/21/2012

I bought 2 Da Vinci to be sure that I not lose the quality vapor I deserve so much after day workm if one breaks down. Bow after almost 3 month daily use it still looks and feels new. I honestly think that this is the best approach to get the most vapor out of the material. Never regretted my decision.

Oh the Sweet Vapor

- 06/23/2012

I really like this vaporizer, top notch, I have tryed others, you will love it!


- 05/12/2012

Best one on the market if you ask me... Finally one that works and uses oil for essential herbs like mint, thyme and catnip. Really helps me relax and and de-stress at night. Feel GREAT in the morning.

DaVinci On A Chairlift Review

- 03/04/2012

I had the pleasure to test the DaVinci on the Ski Lift in Mammoth Mountain
last week. Adding the extra few inches of silicon tubing really helped me
reach the DaVinci while leaving it inside my inner jacket pocket, very
stealth! I even used it with other riders on the chair lift, just turned my
head away from them and they have no idea I was vaping. Here is a video I
took, since it is windy you can just barely see the vapor blowing to the
side of my face.


Rest assured, it worked very well to do the job. I prefer the temp range of
375-395F on the DaVinci, higher temps resulted in undesirable taste and very
darkened material.

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