Essential Vaaapp Nebula Vaporizer

Essential Vaaapp Nebula Vaporizer

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Essential Vaaapp & VaporStore present the smallest portable vaporizer on the market today. Using next-generation technology, this Essential Oil Vaporizer is the only patented essence oil vaporizer in over 70 years. This AAA quality-rated vaporizer allows the most portable, convenient solution for inhaling essential oils and plant materials.

The detachable disposable glass vial used for the reaction chamber allows you to quickly switch from vaporizing one herb to another or from an herb to essential oil simply by changing vials without cross contamination. The detachable reaction chamber also allows for easy loading of your favorite essential oils.

The EV100 is completely portable; there are no electric or critical moving parts to break. The unit is machined from solid aluminum and is anodized inside and out. The EV100 is virtually indestructible, providing years of convenient vaporizing.

Don’t hesitate—vaporize with the Essential VAAAPP EV100 Portable Vaporizer today. No mess, No fuss, No waste and portable vaporization. You simply heat the low-cost, recyclable vials with a lighter to vaporize! Easily vaporize essential oils and plant material anywhere. This portable vaporizer includes a lifetime warranty.


Essential Vaaapp Blue

Essential Vaaapp Gray

Essential Vaaapp Gold

Essential Vaaapp Pink
Essential Vaapp Pink
Essential Vaaapp Silver

Essential Vaaapp Vaporizer EggPlant

Essential Vaaapp Vaporizer Black

Essential Vaaapp Turquoise

Essential Vaaapp Vaporizer Green
Essential Vaaapp Vaporizer Red

Essential Vaaapp Vaporizer Lime Green

Essential Vaaapp Purple

Essential Vaaapp Vaporizer Black Blue Splatter
Essential Vaaapp Vaporizer Black Pink Splatter

Essential Vaaapp Vaporizer Orange Blue Splatter

Essential Vaaapp Vaporizer Blue Pink Splatter

NOTE: ** All Art Nebulas ordered through this site are ONE OF A KIND and all orders will be filled with random color combinations and patterns.**

** Please CONTACT US to order/request a specific color combination. We will do our best to try and accommodate you. **

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