Vapman Basic Vaporizer - Portable Herbal Vaporizer

Vapman Basic Vaporizer - Portable Herbal Vaporizer

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Vapman Basic Portable Herbal Vaporizer
The basic Vapman Vaporizer is one of the best portable herbal vaporizers we have used. It is discreet in its case and very small. The design is unique and works very well.
  • 1 x Portable Vapman Basic Vaporizer
  • 1 x Funnel Tube and
  • 1 x Cover
Function, quality and lifespan of this version are equivalent to that of the standard model. The basic vapman has no heat protection, therefore a thin layer of burned wood will build up in a small area around the pan. This layer will eventually have the effect of a heat insulation and prevents further burning.
Are you searching for a portable Vaporizer that is compact, conveniently handy, easy to use and looks absolutely stylish? Then you are very well served with the Vapman vaporizer offered only at VaporStore! Each vapman vaporizer is made individually, by hand with much care. And composed of only the highest-quality materials found in Switzerland. Our demonstrations and experience with this new portable vaporizing wonder has proved to the vaporizing community that it is the best NEW portable vaporizer on the market. This unique and discreet vaporizer system comes with its own carrying case which fits snug in your pocket and a  butane torch lighter for creating the heat needed for vaporizing no matter where you are. This amazing vaporization device has been tested by everyone from skiers in the Swiss Alps, by YOU, our customers and by our diligent team hear at VaporStore with results reaching 100% functionality and satisfaction.


The Vapman Basic cases come in many color options
The Vapman Vaporizer is a highly technical and super light vaporizer that has to be treated with care. With the right handling of the vapman vaporizer will make sure it works perfectly for years.

Please take note of the following tips:
  • Remove the mouthpiece only when the upper part is loose from the bottom part.
  • After a session clean the filter by gliding it over a cloth (your trousers). Like this you remove the resin and the upper part will never stick to the gold-plated bowl. If it does stick to the bowl, do not force it away but just heat the bowl to unstick the upper part.
  • Store your vapman in the box to keep it save.


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A Love Affair has begun...

- 11/24/2013

I have been using the Vapman for less than 24 hrs now, and suffice to say this thing kicks serious vape-booty! The temperature control that one can achieve with this unit is outstanding, not to mention the portability and ingenious design. This device will last a looong time if cared for well, which should be easy because it's so simple to use, too. There IS a learning curve of about 5 or so bowls, but once you get it, it's on. I understand and fully agree with another Vapman owner on the web who calls his unit "The Midgy Cricket," referring to the infamous, tiny powerhouse lasergun from the movie Men in Black. Show me any vape (not just portable) that's better for even close to the price for a Vapman, I'd be hard-pressed to find one.

One major problem, though, is that it's so engaging, fun, and easy to use that I've had a tendency to want to use it ALL the time, which can be "dangerous" heheheh. Not that big of a problem ;)


- 03/10/2011

Worth the price 100%. I ordered mine with the express UPS, Monday 11pm and recieved it around 9am tuesday morning. Not even 12 hours! Truly a portable vaporizer, it is smaller then it looks and this is what makes it so easy to carry around.The case it comes with is solid, even has enough space to store some in it. Just need to lay around with heating time. The shorter you heat it up the vapor is mild an full of flavour. Heat it longer and you get a more dense vapor. The bowl is on the small side, ideal for a single person but sharing with one more is still possible. Great conversation piece.

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