Aluminum Bat Vaporizer by VaporGenie

Aluminum Bat Vaporizer by VaporGenie

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The VaporGenie Aluminum Bat. These pipes are designed to provide the ultimate in portability and convenience. They are 4.5 inches long, and only 7/8 inches in diameter at the widest points. The aluminum Bat VG will easily fit in your pocket. They have a CNC machined and anodized aluminum pipe body and filter body. They contain the same ceramic filter that is used in all VaporGenie pipes. They weigh exactly the same amount as the handcarved pipes (57 grams), and slightly less than the Classic VGs (which weigh about 70-75 grams). 

The pipe portion is made of a single piece of solid aluminum. So the bowl is aluminum, not stainless steel. The bowl has the same stainless steel screen and stainless steel wire coil that is used in all VaporGenie pipes. The bowl is deep (the same size and depth as the Aluminum pipe VGs or handcarved VGs). The male threads on the filter part are stainless steel. Also, the ceramic filter is insulated from the aluminum filter body by a stainless steel liner, just like in all the wood VaporGenie pipes.

One helpful innovation in this pipe is that the flame intake hole is located on the *side* of the pipe. This puts the hole in clear view, making it very easy to position the flame properly.

The pipe portion is easily cleaned with pipecleaners, since the hole is straight. The aluminum can be easily cleaned by soaking in a pipe-cleaning solvent such as alcohol (e.g. isopropanol) or hot soapy water. This is not possible with any of our wooden pipes, of course.

In use, these pipes require a little more flame application than our other pipes. They are therefore less likely to burn your herbs. This is because the aluminum will absorb more heat in both the filter portion and the pipe portion. The pipe will definitely become warm with use, but it does not become uncomfortably hot, unless perhaps you use it in a hot environment (e.g. in the middle of the day on the playa at Burning Man).
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- 05/26/2013

Try with really good aromatherapy product!

My new fave vape period!

- 09/09/2010

I've got the Genie and the iolite, and I don't even look at them anymore. This thing is the iPhone of portable vapes.

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