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A Love Affair has begun...

- 11/24/2013

I have been using the Vapman for less than 24 hrs now, and suffice to say this thing kicks serious vape-booty! The temperature control that one can achieve with this unit is outstanding, not to mention the portability and ingenious design. This device will last a looong time if cared for well, which should be easy because it's so simple to use, too. There IS a learning curve of about 5 or so bowls, but once you get it, it's on. I understand and fully agree with another Vapman owner on the web who calls his unit "The Midgy Cricket," referring to the infamous, tiny powerhouse lasergun from the movie Men in Black. Show me any vape (not just portable) that's better for even close to the price for a Vapman, I'd be hard-pressed to find one.

One major problem, though, is that it's so engaging, fun, and easy to use that I've had a tendency to want to use it ALL the time, which can be "dangerous" heheheh. Not that big of a problem ;)


- 03/10/2011

Worth the price 100%. I ordered mine with the express UPS, Monday 11pm and recieved it around 9am tuesday morning. Not even 12 hours! Truly a portable vaporizer, it is smaller then it looks and this is what makes it so easy to carry around.The case it comes with is solid, even has enough space to store some in it. Just need to lay around with heating time. The shorter you heat it up the vapor is mild an full of flavour. Heat it longer and you get a more dense vapor. The bowl is on the small side, ideal for a single person but sharing with one more is still possible. Great conversation piece.


- 09/09/2010

I simply love this beautiful vapman vaporizer!!!!!!!!! I works amazing and easy to use. nice size.. Buy buy buy Im gettin another one for back up:)

Best Result!

- 06/07/2010

I have tried volcano and don't really like the clean body high similar to eating brownies. I still prefer smoking until I try this vapman. For For sure is a small personal use and not for party more than 1. But it gets the job done. The first time trying it convince me to switch to vaping. I still prefer overheating it a bit after it has turns brown. Gives a thicker vapor and I may have combusted the herbs instead of vaping it, but sure is potent!

Vap It Up

- 02/27/2010

Had me Vap about 6 months now and ill agree its the best portable on the market today.Its a tiny peice of artwork in your pocket.and delivers a punch of goodness when you have mastered the art.wont go back to combustion smoking ever.....but ive still gotta give up the ciggs oh well.oh and my honest lighter is still kicking.

Great Product! Highly Recommanded

- 01/19/2010


Bought it around 10 month ago and did use it daily since.
Great product. Very clean and intensive high. Much better than smoked with tobacco IMHO.

I think I´m using it at a little to hight temperature. The weed is brown when finished. There is some oil after using it comming out of the upper part.
But wtf. It hits hard. I´m a seasond smoker for over 25 years now and this little thing really gets me high and def. changed my way to consume weed.

If you are smoking inside there is close to no smell in the room. Absolutely great if you (like me) dont smoke.

Its a one person thing. You cant use to long. It gets very warm and you feel its simply not made for this. You can get only a small portion of weed in. For one person enough but not for two or more.

I really want to point out that its really stylish and its very high quality. No cheap plastic stuff. Thats a small artwork made with love. Not an industrial mass product.

Sooo, not a steall but well worth the money.

Buy! Now!


- 01/08/2010

Ok. I got it two days ago and I think I finally got it! Even reading these reviews, it is going to take some time to figure it out for yourself. There are many factors to play with (ie flame length, how close you hold the flame to the pan, and how long you hold the flame to it for). Once you figure it all out, watch out! This thing is awesome!

Nice piece, with old world craftsmanship

- 10/07/2009

I got mine, and it took a couple of sessions to learn to get the most of it without burning the herbs. It works very well, and is my introduction to vaporizing. I will need a dedicated home unit next. The coolest thing about this one is it's finely crafted low tech approach. It works great, and is a pleasure to own.

Vapman - P.S.

- 06/09/2009

I got and reviewed vapman yesterday. I posted that after 1 hit the bowl is mostly spent. That's cause I was heating up the bowl just slightly too long, it seems. I'm not getting more, better tasting puffs. Good density. I heat for 6 seconds initially, wait 2 sec. and then hit it for 2 to 3 sec. at a time, max. This helps me get the temp. right at the point of vaporization. I recommend this product. It's great. 2 reviews means I like it a lot. My friend tried it earlier and likes it as well. 4 thumbs up!


- 06/09/2009

Just got it today. It works! It is well made and was well thought out. Just treat it well and it looks like it'll last. My first hit had me feeling real fine. It took me about 5 tries to get it hot enough to vaporize the herb. Seems efficient and definitely effective. I didn't pack the bowl too much to allow air flow but I got nice vapor density. For me, 1 good draw and the bowl is mostly done. It's a good draw though. This thing is small and light. The eggshell case doesn't fit in your jean pocket too well though. Overall, great product. Nice lighter.

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